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Shenzhen Notary Public lawyer service

We provide notary public lawyer service in Shenzhen. In case you need to certify a true copy of documents to be used in the UK, United States or other countries, while you are in China, we can help you. In some countries it is also called affidavit.

In Shenzhen, the number of notaries public number in the hundreds. A notary public must be a qualified lawyer. The Board of Commissioners for Oaths and Notaries Public appoints eligible lawyers as notaries public. These are usually experienced lawyers with no fewer than 15 years of experience. The Notaries Public Act sets out the rules regulating the activities of notaries public in Shenzhen .A Notary Public in Shenzhen  is usually a practising lawyer who has been appointed by Shenzhen Academy of Law in accordance with the Notaries Public Act and its internal guidelines.

A Notary Public’s duty is to attest deeds, contracts, and other instruments that are to be used abroad and to give a certificate of the due execution of such documents duly authenticated by his signature and notarial stamp and/or seal.

Unlike a Commissioner for Oaths, a Notary Public is in a position to witness a document signed in front of him which is in a foreign language.

Notaries public, acting as impartial officers, notarise documents, usually by witnessing, authenticating and certifying the execution of documents to be used in foreign countries. The need for notarisation usually arises when a person owns businesses and properties overseas and is involved in matters which require the execution of documents here in Shenzhen . Alternatively, notarisation may be needed when a person is involved in foreign litigation.

As proof of notarisation, a notarial certificate will be issued by the notary public to the client.

Services Rendered by the Notary Public

Services rendered by the notary public include:
1.General notarisation of documents;
2.Attesting the signature and execution of documents such as deeds, contracts, powers of attorney, incorporation documents, property transfers, IPR assignments, and other instruments that are to be used abroad;
3.Administer any oath or affirmation in connection with any affidavit or statutory declaration, take or attest any affidavit or statutory declaration;
4.Certifying true copies – which may include marriage and birth certificates and the like. When certifying true copies, a notary simply has to ensure that the copies are indeed true copies of the original. This is done by a visual comparison of the original documents with the copies;
5.Protesting bills of exchange; and
6.Entering a ship’s protest.

Authentication, Verification, and Legalisation

Documents for use abroad may need to go through a further process of authentication, verification, and legalisation. The legalisation process is as follows:
1.Notarisation of document by a notary public (Notarial certificate to be issued by notary public);
2.Authentication of notary public’s signature by the Shenzhen  Academy of Law;
3.Verification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and
4.Legalisation by the embassy/consulate to confirm the origins of a document – usually by affixing an official stamp and signature on the document.

The Shenzhen  Academy of Law provides authentication services for the signatures of Notaries Public year round.

Fees Payable to the Notary Public

The fees payable to notaries public are fixed by the law and depend on what service you are engaging the notary public for. See here for more information on fees for notarial services in Shenzhen .

Apostille & Legalisation by Embassy

The Foreign Agency may require legalisation (or legalization) of the notarised document by the Foreign Embassy in Shenzhen . Legalisation is an authentication of the notarised document by a Foreign Embassy in accordance with its prescribed policies and procedures and fees payable.

For example, if a document executed in Shenzhen  before a Shenzhen  Notary Public for use in France would be legalised (legalized) by the French Embassy in Shenzhen .

Shenzhen Excellente Law – About Us

Shenzhen Excellente Law is an established Shenzhen Civil Law Practice with Shenzhen  Lawyers, Advocates and Solicitors, Commissioner for Oaths, Notary Public and Trademark Agent.

Established in 1994 by its current partners, the Law Practice focuses on Commercial law, Personal and Private law, Family and Business Law with emphasis in Property and Conveyancing, Commercial Law, Divorce (Non-Contentious), Probate and Administration of Estates.

For Conveyancing and Real Estate Legal Services in Shenzhen , we are in the Conveyancing Panel Lawyers of various major banks in Shenzhen .

Shenzhen Excellente Law’s Main Practice Areas

Shenzhen Excellente Law is a Shenzhen Civil Law Practice established in 1994. We comprise of Shenzhen Lawyers, Advocates & Solicitors, Commissioner for Oaths, Notary Public and Trade Marks Agents, and our main Practice Areas are shown below.

For some practice areas such as Deed Poll, Power of Attorney, Probate and Will, for convenience, you may wish to submit your applications via our various Online Legal Services found in this site or our sister sites.

  • Conveyancing & Property
  • Corporate & Commercial
  • Commissioning
  • Deed Poll
  • Divorce, Separation & Adoption
  • Notary Public
  • Power of Attorney
  • Probate & Administration of Estates
  • Trade Mark
  • Wills

Please feel free to make appointment with us. We provide free preliminary online inquiries. One of our practicing lawyers will get back to you shortly after you submit your questions online.

Generally, the best trademark lawyers will be in large cities or in pockets of high technology such as Shenzhen, Guangdong. Inquire whether your trademark lawyer has experience registering trademarks in your industry. For example, a software company would be better served by working with a trademark lawyer familiar with technically complex products and how to appropriately describe the software in a trademark application.

This Shenzhen Law Firm, is here to help protect your business and your name.  Don't trust your extremely valuable intellectual property to some discount website.  Your name, slogan or design is how you distinguish your products or services from those of your competition.  If you're already using your name, slogan or design, then you've already developed good will and brand recognition in the market, and if you haven't started using it yet, that's exactly what you need to develop.  Don't allow your competition to capitalize on your hard work and good name.  More importantly, don't cut corners when it comes time to secure your legal rights and protect your trademark.

Shenzhen marketing lawyerShenzhen advertising lawyer

We are Shenzhen Internet Marketing and Advertising Law Attorneys. Why should you turn to our Firm? The online affiliate marketing industry has many unique nuances as well as many legal issues that can be difficult to understand under Chinese law.  As Shenzhen marketing and advertising lawyers, We are leaders in the Internet marketing and advertising space with cutting-edge business litigation experience.

What set our Shenzhen advertising and marketing lawyer different from other lawyers?

Experience: We counsel businesses and individuals in a wide range of Internet related issues including domain name disputes/theft, copyright, and trademark and unfair competition matters. We also act as general counsel to Internet based businesses such as e-commerce companies, affiliate marketing platforms, high-traffic bloggers, and crowdfunding platforms.

Structure: Our firm is centered around efficiently providing high level, specialized legal advice.

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Shenzhen e-commerce lawyer service

Shenzhen e-commerce lawyerShenzhen e-commerce lawyer

Our E-Commerce Lawyers Understand Your Business in Shenzhen

Our Shenzhen e-commerce attorneys understand your business model. We are experts in commercial contracts, Internet minimum advertising policies, terms of use agreements and privacy policies, copyright infringement, trademark and domain name protection, and competitive keyword advertising in Shenzhen. That is why e-commerce companies like yours trust Revision Legal’s lawyers to protect their businesses.

Taking a Leadership Perspective in Shenzhen

We have years of real-world experience representing leading Internet infrastructure, content and service companies and other businesses and organizations that constitute the network universe:

  • Internet service providers (ISPs)
  • Application service providers (ASPs)
  • Content companies
  • Search engines and portals
  • Internet security firms
  • TCP/IP-based hardware and software developers
  • Companies selling goods and services over the Web
  • Audio and video Web streaming companies
  • Internet public interest groups and industry associations

Whether they need advice on everyday business issues or on cutting-edge policy questions that help shape the future of law online, we know how to help them. Our Internet lawyers have real-world experience, including roles as senior executives at the technology companies paving new paths. Our lawyers are regarded as leaders in the discipline, and are frequently asked to speak or write about the evolving nature of Internet law. 

Conducting the Business of e-Business in Shenzhen

What sets Our Firm’s Internet lawyers apart is our almost unparalleled experience at structuring and negotiating e-business agreements of all types. We give the right advice—fast—on all the contractual basics regarding:

  • Business and partnering agreements
  • Click-through and Web-wrap agreements
  • User agreements and terms of service
  • Website development agreements
  • Software licenses
  • Privacy policies and related disclosures
  • Advertising placement and insertion orders
  • Co-marketing and distribution arrangements
  • Web hosting agreements
  • Content licenses
  • Application service provider agreements.

Often these contracts involve the formation of strategic alliances or joint venture arrangements—and we are skilled at creating these as well as a variety of partner programs and development deals.

Ensuring Web Advertising Compliance under Chinese Law

Innovative Internet advertising and promotion methods are increasingly scrutinized by regulators and the public. Our Firm is well versed in all aspects of Internet advertising compliance. From banner ad placements to the appropriateness and legality of direct e-mail campaigns, we help our clients comply with all applicable national laws.

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