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Shenzhen legal translation lawyer

This Shenzhen lawyer blog shares insights on legal translation matter. At this Shenzhen law firm, we regularly update this blog and please come back if you are interested in our legal service or for your information.

Legal Matters are normal for any business relations and transactions. Whether you make an agreement with your partner, contractor, or a client, or rent industrial premises or request for bank loans, you have to enter into legal relations with the party you cooperate with.  From mere negotiations which can be regulated by minutes of meeting to serious issues involving court proceedings.


Be Sure to Select Your Translation Vendor Carefully! From mere negotiations which can be regulated by minutes of meeting to serious issues involving court proceedings. 

Any minor and major business activity should comply with national and international rules and regulations and legislation. To run business globally, any production and supply company have to observe and meet the international translation standards. Compliance with the requirements of international quality management standards of ISO is a must for any kind of business.

When correct and accurate translation of legal documents has crucial implications, America’s top law firms and corporate legal representatives turn to the experts at Shenzhen law firm.

Our Shenzhen Chinese translation lawyers provides high priority translation services for all legal aspects. Whether you need a translation for a critical business contract, complex litigation materials, evidence documents, a financial statement, deposition records, technical patent confirmation, application letter, birth certificate, or any other essential document, our Shenzhen lawyer can complete the translation from and into any languages for you quickly and accurately.

Legal Documents We Translate

  • Contracts & Agreements
  • Power of Attorney
  • Loans and Licenses
  • Complaints & Correspondence
  • Patents
  • Incorporation
  • Hiring & Employees
  • Will & Testament
  • Bill of Sale
  • Deeds and Notices
  • Letters of Intent
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Decree & Statute
  • Legislation & Constitution
  • Resolutions & Memorandums 

Our Shenzhen legal expert translators’ experience extends beyond the scope of general legal terminology. They are also well versed in the intricacies and statutory requirements of foreign legal and cultural systems. Only professional lawyer who have extensive experience in legal translation – preferably those with formal judicial and legal education and experience — should translate legal documents and intellectual writings. The wrong translation of a simple passage in a contract, for example, could lead to disastrous consequences, lawsuits, and devastating financial ramifications.

Legal Translations of Proceedings & Supporting Documentation

Shenzhen translation lawyer combines a large, in-house translation staff with helpful, personalized attention in order to provide you with legal translations of superior quality.

Using a unique team method, Our Shenzhen lawyer specializes in accurate, well-written translations of legal documents. Translations are available in 3 languages and dialects. Our Shenzhen Legal translator also provides certified translations for acceptance by courts and government agencies in the United States and abroad.

Business related legal translation

Business relations between the Mother Company and Daughter Companies are critical and oblige subordinates to sign different contracts, confidential statements, and non-disclosure agreements. Any large or small projects for supplying the consumer products, construction of industrial facilities, tapping of mineral resources and hydrocarbons, manufacturing devices or machinery, necessitate the conclusion of various agreements and approvals. Non-commercial organizations and charitable activities also have to be bound by legal terms and conditions.

Legal Translation Specialists

Our legal translation lawyer has more than 10 years of experience providing legal translations, including: 

  • summons and complaints
  • evidentiary and financial documents
  • judicial proceedings and opinions
  • foreign statutes
  • contracts and patents, and more. 

No matter what kind of legal document you need translated, Legal Language Services can provide you with professional solutions. We can even offer our translation services in combination with our litigation support services, such as international service of process.

Our lawyers who are legal translation expert, chosen not only for their superior linguistic skills but also for their technical expertise, includes bilingual attorneys, engineers and bankers, as well as scholars and members of the legal and business community.

Rush Legal Translation Services

Legal Language is also extremely sensitive to the need for timely assistance and offers rush and expedited service for an additional fee.

Back Translation Services

Every document translated by Legal Language goes through the rigorous process of translation, editing and proofreading. For especially complex documents, we also offer back translation for an additional fee.

Trusted By Law Firms and Companies Nationwide

Legal Language has assisted various businesses, major law firms, financial institutions and member companies of the Fortune 500.

Call our Shenzhen legal translator now for a FREE, no-obligation consultation with one of our experienced account executives, and let us show you the difference that professionalism, quality and teamwork can make.

Consult our English speaking Shenzhen legal translation lawyers for free preliminary consultation. Shenzhen legal translation lawyer reminds you that the law discussed above may change over time and may not apply to current situation when you read this blog.

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