15 August 2012 By In Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) can be anything from a particular manufacturing process to plans for a product launch, trade secret like a chemical formula, or a list of the countries in which your patents are registered. It may help to think of it as intangible proprietary information. In mainland China, we have several ways to protect your IPR. 

15 August 2012 By In Intellectual Property

Trademark law links to our China IP litigation practice. Extensive amendments to the China trademark law were adopted recently. The decision, which will be effective from Oct. 1, is aimed at stepping up the transformation of governmental functions, innovating with China's mode of opening up, and searching for experience to deepen China's reform and opening up, according to Chairman. China trademark lawyer at the Law Office of Peter Zhu summarized the changes and below is a list of the major changes:

China litigation lawyers at the Law Office of Peter Zhu, a.k.a. Guangdong Huashang Law Firm has served the complex legal needs of Shenzhen and the international business community for 10 years. With approximately 3 lawyers, it is one of the most efficient and dynamic legal practices in Shenzhen with a business team focus on most recognized and upper tier mid-market companies.

A lot of things you need to know before launch a litigation case in China. As an experienced China IP lawyer, I hereby give you some tips. Preferably you will hire a China IP litigation lawyer that has been practicing in China for at least 10 years.  In addition, you should be aware of the 2 year rule of statute-of-limitation. Not notice pleading must include evidence of infringement. The lawsuit must be filed where defendant resides or infringement took place. You are advised to investigate “local” connections before filing suit, especially government connections. Preliminary injunction are available under some circumstances. The competent court would be the Intermediate People’s Court and only one appeal to Higher People’s Court. The damages can be measured in defendant’s profits, but also could be compulsory licensing.

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