China Litigation Lawyer's Presence In Shenzhen

15 August 2012 By In Commercial Litigation
Shenzhen lawyer Shenzhen lawyer

The litigation and dispute resolution team in Shenzhen has been a cornerstone of our business since 1995, and its breadth has grown increasingly ever since. With more than 100 litigation and dispute resolution lawyers around China, we handle everything from local litigation to complex international disputes. Consistently rated as one of the top litigators and arbitrators in China, we are one of the Chinese “Arbitration Elite.”

We were also named by its peers as one of the top 10 national legal practices for dispute resolution in the China National Counsel 2005-2006 Dispute Resolution Handbook.

With our significant investment in training new trial lawyers and in giving them trial experience, it is no surprise that we are nationally known for its litigation capabilities.

The appellate team, with more than 3 lawyers, is acclaimed for handling appeals at all levels in provincial and national courts, covering the entire range of substantive civil law. The core of our appellate team is writing briefs and presenting oral arguments in appeals and other proceedings. Our appellate lawyers also support trial lawyers by briefing and arguing complex pretrial issues, monitoring trials with a focus on preserving appellate complaints, preparing and objecting to the court's charge, and handling critical motions during and after the trial.

As we are based in Shenzhen, it is the place where we are dedicated to provide most extensive legal service to the best we can. Our Shenzhen lawyers handle divorce litigation, commercial litigation and intellectual property litigation with great expertise and nationally recognized.

The records management brings two critical assets to the process: our knowledge of the laws mandating the retention of certain categories of documents and our strong litigation experience in both hard copy and electronic evidence discovery. The records management practice will consist of dedicated records management legal practitioners, a Certified Records Manager and lawyers with knowledge specific to your industry.

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